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Dynamics CRM Spring Release – Growth through Innovation

It’s been just a few months since Microsoft took over first place as the leader in Enterprise CRM by Destination CRM – and it’s been a great experience ever since: Dynamics CRM 2016 got released and we’ve seen notable success stories with it. Microsoft understands that they continually need to analyse and monitor the current state […]

A CRM system to make the most of client calls

When I was a teacher, I often challenged my students to answer the question “so what?” after they had told me what they had been doing. It was never asked in an aggressive way, more as a way to get them to justify why they had done something or what they thought the benefit was. […]

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financial Data Management – Part 2

Whether you’re looking into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as an upgrade to your existing installation or as a brand new implementation, the new features provided by recent changes to charts of accounts, financial dimensions and related data are well worth a look – from both a setup point of view and for end-users of AX […]

Why the telephone still matters enormously for eCommerce

As a more than reasonably tech-savvy 35yr old, I am comfortable making on-line purchases. However, there are times I find myself making a call to the company I wish to buy from. The reason varies, as I am sure it does for most customers, my discount code won’t work; I need more product info; my […]

KPMG Crimsonwing’s visit to Microsoft Dynamics Convergence EMEA 2013

Microsoft grandly announced the return of Convergence EMEA using the catchy slogan “Get Excited, Get Connected”. KPMG Crimsonwing was very excited to get connected with the whole Microsoft Dynamics community during the event, which was held in sunny Barcelona from 4-6 November this year. The Directors of KPMG Crimsonwing Netherlands Mike de Laat, Jeroen van Zwienen […]

Selling direct to the consumer

The impact of online shopping on brands. Online shopping has made life more complicated for brand owners looking to maintain brand equity. The sales that can be achieved through online retailers are significant and hard to ignore. The dilemma is that online retailers live and breath by being price competitive. As soon as you have […]

Paying for Google product listings

There aren’t many things in life that are free. But for many years we were able to enjoy getting listed in Google Shopping for free. For many eCommerce retailers who had competitive prices this was an inexpensive source of business. Our own experience was that it even generated orders attributable to Google Shopping if your […]

Optimising your business through eCommerce metrics

imseCommerce metrics are numbers that tell us important information about certain processes that we have undertaken on our eCommerce sites. They are accurate measurements and give us an idea if our processes are working the way they should, whilst providing us with an understanding of how we can improve these processes. By using metrics, we […]

eCommerce Expo 2012

Once again, KPMG Crimsonwing was happy to be one of the exhibitors at eCommerce Expo 2012! We always feel it is crucial to attend such industry events no matter whether you’re exhibiting or visiting.