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Meet Magento NL (MMNL) 2015

KPMG Crimsonwing had the pleasure of attending Meet Magento NL this year as a Gold sponsor. Here, I had the opportunity to demonstrate our omni-channel solution at the event along with my Dutch colleagues Jeffrey D’hondt, Jeroen van Zwienen and Bart Baeschnitt. I usually attend Magento Live in the UK, so it was interesting to […]

How to configure the order by SKU widget

In one of Barry’s previous blog entries, ‘key functionalities for a B2B eCommerce site’ he said that one of the key functionalities for B2B eCommerce sites is the functionality to place orders quickly via a quick order tool. This is now possible out of the box in Magento Enterprise 1.12 via the Order By SKU […]

Google Analytics & Magento

When browsing the forums online, I often come across the same question relating to Google Analytics and Magento: “what are goals and funnels in google analytics and how do they work with my magento eCommerce store“?

Staging in Magento 1.11

With the new release of Magento Enterprise 1.11 I thought I would have a go at it and learn a few new tricks in Magento. One area I was particularly interested in was setting up a staging environment in Magento. I looked online for tutorials for staging, but did not have much luck for the […]

Defining tax for your eCommerce site

Configuring tax can be tricky to get right if you are setting up an eCommerce website in a country where the tax varies from county/state/region etc. It is important to define what the tax rules and zones are early on in a project if possible to ensure the desired result.

iPlayer adapting with the times. About time? Too late?

How often do you use the BBC’s iPlayer? I use it quite often at home on my Mac, it’s great for watching programs on playback or live. Our computer has become more of our TV than our TV, because it’s bigger and better quality screen than our TV. However, today’s news that the iPlayer is […]

Banana Flame

In June, I wrote about using augmented reality in fashion stores, today I have read Econsultancy’s blog post about Banana Flame, an online fashion retailer who are using augmented reality on their website via the webcam. This is quite exciting!

Facebook, Skype and Google+

So what do you make of the Google+ and Facebook rivalry? Have Google+ simplu taken the best of Facebook and enhanced it? How does the group chat on Google+ compare to Skype and Facebook video calling?

eCommerce Trends 2011

2011 already has seen new trends in eCommerce gaining momentum, such as social commerce, video and mCommerce, as previously mentioned. The best thing I have seen so far is the way video and augmented reality are being used to demonstrate products. I have seen a great feature by French Connection, in which video is used […]

Customer Segmentation Tools

Just a short one for you on customer segments this week. This area is very interesting and has a lot of depth too. There are many different angles to the discussion surrounding customer segmentation, such as the tools used, how good it is for marketing professionals and also the moral and ethical view point. But […]

Internet World – Web Feed Management

Having now attended my first Internet World at Earls Court yesterday, I thought that the presentations were very informative and found one in particular, Web Feed Management for Google success by Lakestar Media taught me something new.