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When is the right time to upgrade to Magento 2?

Magento 2 has been talked about for years and we were certainly excited when the stable version was finally launched in Quarter 4 of 2015. Many Magento store owners are now asking the question ‘When is the right time to move to Magento 2?’. 6 main concerns we hear from our clients are; Given that […]

Power to the Customer!

I am often amazed by this age of the internet that we are living in. I can pay bills while taking a walk in the park, and find a great nearby pub with just a few swipes and tabs. I book my off-shore holidays online and browse through reviews, blogs and price comparison sites for purchasing […]

The Crowdsourcing Phenomenon (Article 2 of 3)

Crowdsourcing relies heavily on the communication methods and tools made possible by the internet. In the past we had to physically meet with someone or gather crowds to get their own opinion on how to solve business or personal related problems. Nowadays with technology, crowds can be well-connected while being geographically distant.

eCommerce: An opportunity for Maltese businesses

In the past 10 years, the concept of eCommerce amongst Maltese has changed from a vague myth to a thriving reality. In Malta, online activity by both consumers and businesses is growing. A survey conducted by NS0 in 2010 revealed that 94% of Maltese businesses use the Internet and 70% of these Maltese businesses own […]