Creating overs…or creating a problem?

The ethos of over producing is nothing new. In print, the concept of finishing off the load has always been there but with lean production leading the way in profit-making, it’s time to look at your processes to see what the true bottom line costs are.  A familiar decision: The machine is running and you’ve […]

What is the true cost of getting it right the second time around?

In print, mistakes happen, but you can reduce these, however, the process must be enforced even if the job is a rush and the client is screaming as it’s a costly mistake getting it right the second time around. The adage of “there is always time for a re-print” still rings in my ears.  The […]

4 things successful print businesses do with their ERP & MIS systems

As in all other aspects of our daily business life there is no rest for management in their pursuit of optimisation – it is an ongoing task! One of the key benefits of having a solid technology core is that it can support your processes by providing end-to-end visibility and the opportunity to create improvements […]