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Convergence 2015 EMEA: Day 2 Update

With Day 1 complete, here are some Day 2 highlights from Convergence 2015 EMEA including an inspiring new keynote,  key KPMG sessions and activities at our booth.


Session: Will You Disrupt?

KPMG and Microsoft on using technology to respond to a new set of business realities


Will You Disrupt KPMG Microsoft Infographic

In the afternoon, we attended an engaging discussion around digital disruption  co-hosted by KPMG’s Michael Herman and Microsoft’s Eve Enslow. On the topic, Michael and Eve discussed a new set of realities that all businesses face, including:

  • The fact that today’s emerging generations of customers and employees are different – Millenials are more empowered, more inclined to challenge existing operating models,  and demand different ways of working.
  • Faced with an evolving customer landscape, maintaining the current status quo as a business is not an option
  • The challenge for businesses is to operationalize their customer journey maps by aligning new processes with technologies that will enable each step of the customer journey. A key component of this includes encouraging the flow of information between business and IT (which have historically been siloed).

Further information related to Michael and Eve’s presentation can be found here.  You can also watch and listen to the session below:



Time for a Quick Juice Break at Booth 5!

Between sessions, we delivered a few demos and connected with other attendees.


KCW Team at Convergence EMEA 2015


Find a few more images from our booth below:



Session: Business Transformation for Membership Organisations

KPMG Crimsonwing’s own Kees Brussen delivered an interesting session on business transformation for membership-based organisations


DfM Session


In line with themes from Michael and Eve’s presentation, Kees touched on the pressures that organisations face as a result of changing expectations in their member bases:

  • Members expect their interactions with organisations to reflect their personal digital experiences – namely that they are mobile and multi-device enabled.
  • Using an example of one of the largest equestrian federations in the Netherlands, Kees demonstrated how they used a portal-based membership solution to address these pressures. 
  • Their new solution built on Dynamics AX, CRM and Dynamics for Membership enabled them to simplify complex administrative processes, decrease operational costs and above all, improve the member experience by introducing member self-serve capabilities.

You can scroll through the presentation below:



 Stay tuned for our recap of our final day at Convergence EMEA, including coverage of the closing keynote.