Convergence 2015 EMEA: Day 3 Update

With many people flying back home, things had definitely started to quiet down on Day 3 (make sure to take a look also at Day 1 and Day 2). Despite this, this final day of Convergence 2015 EMEA still had plenty to offer.

Booth #5

Convergence visitors made sure to visit the KPMG booth on their last day to grab one of our gadgets and a cocktail and sit down at our booth to witness a SOFY or Dynamics for Membership demo.

 Cocktails at Convergence EMEA 2015 (Custom)


Find a few more images from the KPMG meeting room and our booth below:


Case Study: How a mobility sector recycler and services organization achieved business transformation enabled by Microsoft technology

ARN CEO Arie de JongOn Wednesday December 2nd, KPMG hosted their final session of the event. ARN and KPMG joined forces and presented their business case on business transformation with the help of Microsoft technology.

The presentation started off with a short film on the recycling story of ARN, introducing the audience to the processes of their post-shredder factory. Within five minutes they got to know all about how up to 95% of Dutch end-of-life vehicles are recycled. KPMG’s Peter van den Berg (Project Manager at ARN for over 1.5 years) set the scene: with many different processes, and many different IT systems to support them, ARN was looking for one standardised way of working, supported by ERP.

ARN CEO Arie de Jong joined Peter on stage. He took a deep dive into the business processes and company specifics of ARN. He made sure that the audience really panel discussion using social mediafelt and smelled the “shredder fluff” (all waste that is left from a recycled car) to make his story even more tangible. Peter followed with an IT perspective on the ARN case. He spoke of the Microsoft technology and how it fits on the recycling processes, and highlighted the challenges of implementing an ERP system into a recycling company. Then, Peter performed the steps he took as a Project Manager to finalise the implementation as successfully as possible. 

After the IT and project perspective on the ARN case, Peter invited Arie de Jong (CEO ARN), Ingrid Niessing (CFO ARN) and Colin Hanekamp (Director, KPMG) all together onto the stage for a panel discussion, during which the audience was able to ask questions.


If you missed our session at Convergence, take this opportunity to view the presentation and listen to the full recording below:



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