Convergence session: Lifecycle Services next generation

On Wednesday morning, second day of Microsoft Convergence, quite a number of  interested visitors attended one of the deep dive sessions about Lifecycle Services and its new enhancements. LCS is a very powerful toolbox that Microsoft offers to customers and partners before, during and after implementation of Dynamics AX.

It enables to choose from a variety of project methodologies, among others Sure Step Agile. For instance, as a project manager you would be able to keep track of the issues and tasks that need attention and assign them to a team member. But also, as a developer there are tools in LCS to assist in developing correct code, such as the code analyzing tool. Full TFS integration is available to track your development tasks and work.

Other nice features that were demonstrated in this session are the license and hardware estimators. Both tools can help you in the early stages of a project to determine how many and what kind of licenses and hardware you need to purchase. Recently added is the upgrade analyses report in order for you to do a quick scan of the efforts needed for an upgrading project.

With the business process builder you are able to design your business process, using templates from the library, adjusting it according to your specific organisation, or building the process from scratch. You can add the actual steps out of AX by using the task recorder in AX and adding this to the LCS business process.

Newly added, and now first presented at Convergence 2014, is the Configuration Manager tool. With this tool you can easily export or import configuration settings and data from an AX instance to another.

And finally you are able to log issues with Microsoft Support and track other issues and their status, find fixes or workarounds to solve your issues.

Microsoft will continue developing LCS and coming soon available are:

  • New project methodologies
  • CRM and NAV extension
  • Azure deployment