Microsoft Convergence EMEA: “An opportunity to share this new chapter in our business story”

From 30 November to 2 December, KPMG will be front and centre in the main hall as a Platinum Sponsor at Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA. In advance of the big event, we spoke to Bryan Cruickshank, Global Head of IT Advisory at KPMG, and David Walsh, CEO and founder of KPMG Crimsonwing.

During their interview, the two discuss the importance of this event, why KPMG decided to attend and the relationship between Microsoft and KPMG – including the role of KPMG Crimsonwing in today’s business world.


KPMG recently announced their presence as Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming edition of Microsoft Convergence EMEA. Can you tell us a bit more?

Bryan-Cruickshank-management-pictureBryan: We’re excited to take part in Microsoft Convergence EMEA for the second time. Microsoft technology has the potential to make a real difference to our clients’ businesses – but only if they know how to harness it’s power. That’s where we come in. KPMG is combining our extensive experience and industry insight to deliver Microsoft technology solutions with impact.

We recently acquired KPMG Crimsonwing, a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner that can help us achieve our goals. By teaming up, we’re set to deliver even more technology-enabled value to our clients. We’re invested in innovative technology solutions powered by Microsoft, so attending the conference this year is our chance to stay up-to-date on the latest in the industry – as well as enhance and share our own capabilities.

David: Last year, before the KPMG acquisition, Crimsonwing attended as a Silver Sponsor. We’re delighted to return to Microsoft Convergence EMEA this upcoming November, this time as a valuable part of KPMG. Coming back as a part of KPMG is an exciting prospect, because the possibilities – for us and for our clients – are truly endless. We’re ready to bridge the gap between the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics technology our clients want – and the strategic advice and support they need. And Microsoft Convergence EMEA is an opportunity to share this new chapter in our business story.

David-Walsh-management-pictureWhat is KPMG looking to accomplish at Microsoft Convergence EMEA?

David: As a Microsoft partner, Microsoft Convergence has always been fundamental to us. This event is an outstanding opportunity for us to update ourselves on their latest strategies and product announcements. It’s also our chance to connect with not only Microsoft but with our other valued partners, customers and prospects, as well. This is a region with immense opportunity for our business, so Convergence EMEA is especially important to us. Last year was an unforgettable experience and really helped establish our position as valued Microsoft partner – and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

What makes the relationship between KPMG and Microsoft a special one?

David: Crimsonwing has an established and long-standing relationship with Microsoft that goes back over a decade. Now that we’ve been acquired by KPMG, we’re ready to work together to deepen that relationship even further.

Bryan: At KPMG, we’ve always been ambitious when it comes to delivering real business results to our clients – and our goal to offer better results through Microsoft technology is just another example of our drive. We want to continue to foster our partnership with Microsoft and our acquisition of Crimsonwing plays an important role in our growth. It’s helped strengthen KPMG’s position as a leading implementation partner of Microsoft, which is a great opportunity for us, especially in Europe. 

When it comes to KPMG’s Microsoft offering, what’s the bottom line? What separates KPMG from the other Microsoft partners attending Convergence?

Bryan: At KPMG, we combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics technology with our unique, in-depth business knowledge and IT expertise. We go beyond simply implementing technology – we help our clients get the most out of their technology investments and add genuine value into their business. With a team of experienced professionals and an extensive global network, we can support multi-country implementations and deliver solutions that are business-focused, cost-effective and impactful. It’s an exciting time for us – and for the clients we work with. We’re helping our clients achieve their vision – and we’re doing it through truly innovative Microsoft solutions.