Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014 – Key takeaways

(Barcelona, 4-6th November 2014)

Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014, gave delegates the opportunity to make key business connections and to explore ways to transform their own Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Microsoft were also able to reassert their strategy, and ambitions, in front their stakeholders – customers and partners alike. With most of their products available in the Cloud, including the Dynamics solutions range, Microsoft is leading the way away from “device & services”, and towards the now famous “mobile-first, cloud-first” vision. Empowering businesses to really focus on customer satisfaction and business efficiency rather than battling with their IT infrastructure is a key priority for Microsoft.

Mobile-first-cloud-first-imageThe digitalisation of business processes, and the “Internet of Things” as referred to by Kirill Tatarinov, EVP of the Microsoft Business Solutions Group, are creating a business environment where “mobility is much broader than mobile communication” connecting people, businesses and transactions. This drives the need for businesses to base their activities on systems strong enough to support, process, and fully utilise the data generated by these millions of connections and interactions. At Convergence, it was clear that systems like the Microsoft Dynamics range, which with the 2015 updates of AX, NAV and CRM, can truly help businesses keep up with the fast paced world of business technology.

Convergence enabled Microsoft to share their insight into the upcoming technology with industry stakeholders, but it was equally about partners, customers and prospects meeting and connecting. The exhibition floor flourished with a variety of exciting industry-specific solutions based on the Dynamics Platform. In light of this, KPMG Crimsonwing were able to showcase some unique solutions tailored for specialised industries including retail, print, membership organisations and wholesale.

Systems integration between Dynamics and eCommerce platforms was also a hot topic amongst delegates, as business solutions and CRM systems are at the core of any online businesses growth. With their eCommerce expert hat on, KPMG Crimsonwing’s CEO David Walsh, and CTO Kees Brussen were delighted to talk about the key elements and benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX with an eCommerce solution like Magento, or Intershop. Please catch up on our presentation here!

Overall, Convergence was an amazing experience and fully reinstated Microsoft’s support to the partner channel, and their constant focus on customer satisfaction. As a silver sponsor, KPMG Crimsonwing thoroughly gained a great deal from the event and look forward to working with the connections we made. Having been part of the Convergence experience as a sponsor, but also as a partner has been an amazing experience for KPMG Crimsonwing, as Microsoft reinstated their support to the partner channel, and their constant focus on customer satisfaction.