Dynamics CRM Spring Release – Growth through Innovation

It’s been just a few months since Microsoft took over first place as the leader in Enterprise CRM by Destination CRM – and it’s been a great experience ever since: Dynamics CRM 2016 got released and we’ve seen notable success stories with it.

Microsoft understands that they continually need to analyse and monitor the current state against where it wants to be in order to grow and enjoy enduring success of the product. One thing is immediately clear: the Dynamics CRM Spring Release is very much focused on growth through innovation.

The CRM Spring Release: Introducing Project Service Capabilities


Dynamics CRM Spring Release 1The introduction of Project Service capabilities to Dynamics CRM makes it possible to support the end-to-end “Lead To Revenue” process, from “Volume to Value” just by enabling out-of-the-box functionality!

We have been privileged to have had the opportunity of being exposed to the brand new Project Service capabilities. It was amazing to collaborate with Microsoft’s Core CRM team members and KPMG’s subject matter experts to get the chance to exercise our minds on the processes, functionality, activities and sequences required to accomplish the goals of a process using Dynamics CRM Project Service capabilities.

The already strong Dynamics CRM platform combined with new features such as Project Service allows Microsoft to stay on top in the relentlessly changing CRM marketplace. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring release enables businesses to:

  • Manage the sales and delivery cycle more effectively. Finding, engaging and delivering engagements to clients faster and more effectively by integrating closely-connected business processes to enhance company-wide performance.


  • Find value, reduce risk. A new way to find, mobilise and enable the most value-adding teams in your company by allowing intelligence on historical project delivery results as well as trend analyses via forecasts, charts and statistics on the projects’ health.


  • Predict the future by focusing on the outcome of Sales and Marketing activities all the way through Quotation, Project Staffing, Project Delivery and Project Accounting.


Stay tuned over the next weeks for more insights into how to leverage your integrated data assets using the new Project Service capabilities of Dynamics CRM and KPMG’s  services to implement the next-generation CRM systems.


 Content credits: Albert-Jan Braakman, Senior Business Consultant  & Stefan van der Hooft, Dynamics CRM Business Consultant at KPMG Crimsonwing.

Dynamics CRM Spring Release