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How can an organisation become more efficient?

A CRM tool is mostly associated with enhancing efficiency and customer experiences. However, how does this happen? For starters, this tool facilitates the centralisation of data and this on its own can serve as the answer. That being said, the effects that a CRM tool has on a company’s efficiency may still be unclear. Therefore, we will attempt to clarify by using some examples.

Kennametal, a leading material science and manufacturing company, found that 30% of their sales team’s time was being spent on manual administrative tasks. The company required a tool that centralizes the sales funnel and that would allow them to better manage leads though to sale. In addition, they also wanted to be able to measure the ROI from marketing campaigns. In other words, Kennametal wanted to have a 360-degree view of the customer as this would facilitate automated sales reporting. Automating processes and having data in a centralised location which can be accessed from any device would free up some precious time for their sales team to focus more on customers. Talk about increasing efficiency! Ultimately they were able to do just that by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM online (click here for more detailed information).

Along the same lines, KPN consulting realised that they required a new tool to be able to compete in an increasingly changing business environment. KPN consulting already had a system in place and it worked well for long term consulting contracts but as more complex shorter term agreements started to become a reality, they struggled to automate processes – a manual approach was being taken in the short term. More specifically, KPN consulting weren’t able to provide good service to customers because they were unable to correctly forecast the required resources. Moreover, they weren’t able to access information obtained prior to making the sale.

KPN consulting resorted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online to streamline their sales management, service delivery and source management processes and they were able to achieve an IT return on investment in roughly less than 1 year! (click here for more detailed information).

A more detailed discussion about how an organisation can become more efficient will be taking place during our event ‘Customer-first vision in a changing business environment’ which will be taking place on the 30th of September. You can register for this event by clicking here.