Interview with CRM event speaker – Peter van den Berg

On Friday 30th September, KPMG Crimsonwing Malta will be organising a CRM event titled: ‘Customer-first focus in a changing business environment’. After a quick introduction, Peter van den Berg, Senior Manager at KPMG Netherlands, will take the stage to deliver a keynote speech about the changing business environment and what companies must do in order to remain relevant.

In anticipation for the event, we spoke to Peter who promised to give us a taste of what he will talk about during the event.

Peter van der bergWhat is your take on the today’s business environment?

I believe the way we need to engage with clients has changed dramatically. There is a lot of opportunity to successfully achieve this, but catching the right window of opportunity is quite a challenge.

How can this be achieved?

CRM is crucial in innovating service delivery and customer engagement but we need to take a step back from traditional thinking to make it work. In the keynote speech I will be speaking about customer life cycle management – which reaches beyond CRM. What’s in a name? It should be clear at least that capturing your client’s data (name, address, billing details) is the least of your worries.

Can you give some examples?

I often witness companies struggling to get a grip on what data is really relevant to maintain on record. The value of data / information can be very high during certain time periods – but can become worthless just as quick thereafter. I also witness companies that have access to the information they need to take an informed decision and thereafter take the next step – but find it difficult to extract value from it.

Finally, why do you think should CEO’s and Managing Directors attend this event?

I believe that there is a lot that can be learned from this event. The only constant is change and we have to try to keep up with changes. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a tool that can help businesses to remain relevant during these turbulent times. Therefore, being aware of what this tool can do for your business should be seen as a must in today’s business environment.

During my delivery, we will try to inspire, by sharing examples, challenging some ideas and taking time to reflect on situations that are relevant to the attendees.

‘Customer-first vision in a changing business environment’ will take place on Friday 30 September at Corinthia Hotel, St Georges Bay. You can register for the event here.