A Grad at Go-Live: A busy but exciting week here at KPMG Crimsonwing

I joined KPMG Crimsonwing as part of their new Graduate Programme 7 weeks ago. So far it’s been a great experience, having the opportunity to be a part of a Go-Live so soon after joining the firm.

My first three-weeks were dedicated to introductory training in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. However, I have quickly learnt that being hands-on with a client project is an invaluable part of the learning process.

4 days prior to the Go-Live I was on site with the client for the first time. Whilst I had certainly learnt a lot in the three weeks of training, going through the process of meeting a whole new group of people, both within the KPMG Crimsonwing team and client side, felt like a big step. However, I soon learnt there was little to worry about.


Upon arrival, I was introduced to the team who were all very welcoming, despite the evident pressure of the fast approaching Go-Live launch date.  Soon after, I was delegated with my first task – testing the Purchase Requisition Workflow. Whilst this wasn’t something I had specifically covered in training, my familiarity with the system helped and, with the guidance of my performance manager, I was soon on my way to making a small contribution to the project.

The following three days I spent on site gave me great insight into the career path I’ve chosen as I was able to understand more about the project and what the day-to-day life of a Functional Consultant is. I have worked on a variety of tasks; from recording error messages, submitting co-workers expenses reports all the way through to writing this blog. Little over a month ago, with no knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, I would not have imagined I’d be doing such a variety of tasks and feel part of something so exciting.

It is evident from being here, at the end of Phase 1, that the amount of work that goes into each project is huge, with everyone focused on the task at hand. It’s safe to say everyone works long hours (I’ve seen a lot of caffeine being consumed!) but at no point have I questioned my decision to be part of this industry. I’m now looking forward to developing my knowledge so that I can contribute more to the projects I work on in the future.

Being a part of my first Go-Live has been a great experience and being thrown in at the deep end, for me, has been the best learning curve possible. There have been times where I felt like I wanted to contribute more but my limited knowledge was somewhat of a hindrance. Despite my lack of experience, however, the team was always very helpful and welcoming and certainly made my first week on site less daunting than it could have been. A huge congratulations and thank you, to all those who worked very hard to meet the project deadline and I hope they continue to work hard post Go-Live.


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