Hello World! – A Grad’s first month with KPMG Crimsonwing


Who am I and what am I doing at KPMG Crimsonwing?

Anyone who reads this blog often will immediately notice that they’ve never come across my name before. The reason for this is that I make up one sixth of the recent cohort of Graduates to join the new KPMG Crimsonwing UK Graduate Programme. Turning the clock back to when I accepted my offer of a place on the two year Graduate Programme, I was full of excitement, expectations and nerves. Six weeks on from my first day walking through the doors of the Canary Wharf office on 2nd October, the nerves are gone and have been replaced by enthusiasm.

Excitement, expectations and nerves

Unsurprisingly, the first three and a half weeks were a massive culture shock. Within the first few days I met with some of the most senior figures in KPMG Crimsonwing including the CEO, and the Microsoft Dynamics Team Lead, Pascal Kreukniet. Like all the other graduates, I was slightly nervous to meet these individuals but was made to feel welcome and comfortable immediately. Many companies describe their culture as friendly and welcoming, and in this instance KMPG Crimsonwing could not have been more so. Walking into the office, I instantly noted that the CEO and other senior figures sat at desks amongst all members of colleagues, as opposed to hidden away in private offices as was my original expectation. The approachability of colleagues and constant offerings of help meant transitioning through the culture shock was relatively stress-free. After the initial couple of days, the nerves and inaccurate expectations had disappeared.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations training

Following on from the first 3 days of meeting people and finding my feet, I started three weeks of intensive introductory training on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Four out of the six graduates; including myself, are training to be Functional Consultants, and the other two are training to be Technical Consultants. Over the three weeks of introductory training, we all learned both functional and technical material, giving us the flexibility to change from one to the other if we so wish down the line. Our training included learning the fundamentals of:

  • D365O Finance
  • D365O Project management and accounting
  • D365O Transport and logistics
  • D365O Warehousing
  • D365O Human resources
  • Microsoft Lifecycle Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • D365O Development
  • Microsoft Power Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps and Flow
  • Common data model

Looking to the future

I’m currently starting on my first project, where I’ll be focussing on Project Management and Accounting, and Accounts Receivable within D365O. As well as guidance from the project manager and the senior consultant I’ll be working with, I‘ve also had a mentor (Performance Manager) since day one who’s unenviable job it’s been to answer my many questions, and support me in my role. In a year’s time I’ll have my first Microsoft certification under my belt, be helping teach next year’s cohort on the Graduate Programme, and maybe even another blog post!