New and advancing technologies: Interview with Pascal Kreukniet

Following Stephen’s interview (click here), we now speak with Pascal Kreukniet, Senior manager at KPMG UK, before he delivers the keynote speech at our upcoming event ‘Reinventing ERP on the cloud’.

In his interPascalview, Stephen Abela said that ‘local progressive companies are already embracing Cloud as an enabling technology, and we are very pleased to be working with them on this exciting journey’. In your experience, how can the cloud help companies to grow successfully?

There are several aspects to this, besides all the obvious cloud advantages, such as scalability, flexibility and having a secure system with almost no downtime. Other advantages include the ability to access from anywhere via any device, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, as well as the possibilities of PowerBI reports using several different (online) sources.

You mentioned ‘access from anywhere via any device’, Mobile is very much near the top of Microsoft’s innovation agenda, and this can make Dynamics 365 a game-changer in our industry. How can this affect organisations?

In the next release, Microsoft will release 12 apps. This will make life for an organisation’s workforce on the road so much easier. Access to any data from anywhere. All simple processes can be done via an app and with PowerApps, end users can also create their own apps to add even more functionality in apps.

What more can we expect in this ever-changing sector?

The way the product is going is standardisation of business processes. I really believe that with Microsoft planning to lock down the source code, one day you will just get a notification that your ERP has been updated. This means that there will be no need to have expensive upgrades. Once you are on Dynamics 365 for Operations (D365O) the updates will become available on a monthly basis and easily deployable. In the future this will be automated.

In addition, with the system being in the cloud, Microsoft will be tracking which areas of the system are heavily used allowing them to focus their R&D spend in these areas.

‘Reinventing ERP on the cloud’ is taking place on May 5 at the Microsoft Innovation Center. If you would like to register for this complementary event, please click here