order by SKU widget frontend properties

How to configure the order by SKU widget

In one of Barry’s previous blog entries, ‘key functionalities for a B2B eCommerce site’ he said that one of the key functionalities for B2B eCommerce sites is the functionality to place orders quickly via a quick order tool. This is now possible out of the box in Magento Enterprise 1.12 via the Order By SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) widget.

The order by SKU widget is a great addition to the Magento tool box. It provides the end-user with two additional methods to add products to their basket, either by entering the relevant SKU’s line by line or by uploading a csv file for a number of SKU’s and the quantity required. This widget can be configured so that it is available to everyone that visits your store, or only to specific customer groups, providing more simplicity in the order process for high volume, frequent customers.


order By SKU widget in my account


Configuring the widget

The following steps will help you to add the Order By SKU Widget to your Magento Enterprise website (Version 1.12)

1. Enable the widget by navigating to: system>configuration>sales>order by sku
2. Choose to allow everyone to use it or just specific customer groups
3. Press save Config


order by SKU configuration

Next go to CMS>Widgets

4. Add a new widget
5. Select ‘Order by SKU’ from the drop down menu
6. Fill out the required fields, choosing the store views the widget will display on
7. Select any specific pages that the widget will display on

order by SKU widget frontend properties

order by SKU widget frontend properties


8. Click on the ‘Widget Options’ tab on the left hand side


widget options


9. Set the ‘Display a Link to loading a Spreadsheet’ to ‘Yes’
10. Add the text you would like to display on the widget that will link the user back to the my account – order by sku page.
11. Press save

That’s it! This widget will now display on the chosen pages and only to those customer groups you selected in the configuration.

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