KPMG Crimsonwing at Magento Imagine Conference 2011

It’s a long (and expensive) flight to Los Angeles’ LAX from London, I think to myself as I’m stood in line to clear immigration, I hope it’s worth it. These thoughts were dispelled right from the off as following my 90 minute wait to see a Customers and Border Protection agent, I end up having a chat with the agent about the merits of Magento over other Open Source solutions. If even the border control guys have heard of Magento, then there must be some buzz around the product!
The event was a sell-out, the guest speakers where impressive particularly, Brett Nordstrom from Nordstrom and Warren Adelman from Go Daddy Group. There was ample opportunity to pick-up useful knowledge of the Magento product and Magento’s plans in general, network with solution providers / technology providers and generally have a great time. Speaking of great times, if any of our developers want to try and top this for commitment to Magento, be my guest!

As an Enterprise Partner, it was great to finally meet the Magento staff, some of whom we have been working closely with for nearly two years, plus as Magento are growing so rapidly make some new contacts within the organisation. With the establishment of the Magento office in Brussels and the Magento commitment to host the next Imagine conference this side of the Atlantic, the building of these relationships should become a little easier.

The event contained a good mix of industry trend and Magento information with the importance of mobile and social commerce being extolled by numerous speakers, although I have to say in my opinion the US is much further advanced than the UK in particular in both these areas. Magento Enterprise 1.10 was the major news from an Enterprise Partner viewpoint, and Magento themselves are justifiably proud of the launch of Magento Go, whose initial goal is to facilitate easier entry into the eCommerce club for small and start-up companies. For more details on those, check out our news item about Magento’s latest announcements!

Each evening’s free bar was particularly well attended, and it is great to know that the spirit of The Jetsons lives on at Encounter LAX! – where Magento kindly took their partners out to dinner on the Wednesday night. You can find out a lot more about the conference via the Magento blog, no partner prize for KPMG Crimsonwing this year, but we’ll be pushing hard throughout 2011!

The chief takeaways for me?

  • The release of Magento Enterprise 1.10 and the continued focus on performance, with improved reporting and BI on the near horizon – always on our client’s agenda
  • The introduction of Magento Go should provide a major incentive to the Magento developer community to get building new extensions (or Apps as they will now be known), as the potential customer market is huge. Those positioned upstream should also benefit, as if an extension works on Go, it will also work on Enterprise, Professional and Community editions – meaning less time is required warranting an extension does what it says!
  • Magento’s commitment to a full education and training programme
  • Magento’s focus on improving Enterprise level support

And finally, on the subject of performance, checkout the new extension from