KPMG Crimsonwing at eCommerce Expo 2011

It’s been a couple of crazy weeks since the eCommerce expo event, however a few points really stuck in my mind about the people I met and their entrepreneurial spirit. Each person who came for a demo had an idea of what they wanted to achieve, big or small, they were passionate about their business and had a strong wish to succeed, which was fascinating to hear about.

Magento proved to be a platform that would either get a business online or solve any current issues. The majority of prospects were also surprised that Magento Enterprise had so many out of the box features, from promotions to flexible product management, which makes the Enterprise Edition stand out amongst the Community and Professional Editions.

It was also good fun to work alongside Magento’s Sales Manager for Northern Europe Kristel Verhasselt, who you will see in the image below with our Sales Manager Barry Thorn and myself.