Three critical success factors for eCommerce

When working with clients we focus on 3 critical factors throughout the project. We have learned from past experience that success is required in all 3 for your objectives to be fully achieved. These are our 3 critical success factors for eCommerce:

Being heard above the crowd

Your potential customers are bombarded with messages from organisations trying to attract their attention and entice them to visit their website. Your online business will only flourish if you able to devise a cost effective mechanism for generating traffic on your website that is sufficient to generate your targeted level of sales.

We work with clients to devise an integrated campaign to generate inbound traffic making best use of the methods available to you. These include:

Once a campaign is in place we will help you to put in place processes that monitor the effectiveness of methods and ensures that the cost of customer acquisition remains within the bounds of your business model.

A compelling and engaging website

A high volume of inbound traffic is of limited value unless the visitor is engaged by the website and allows themselves to be guided towards selling propositions that they find compelling, leading to them making a purchase.

We  work with clients to ensure that your existing brand values are adapted successfully to online brand guidelines and that your products are described and portrayed online in a manner that consumers will find seductive.

Friction-free transactions

It is essential that the entire process for the consumer from navigating products, putting them in a shopping basket, checking out and monitoring progress through to delivery are critically challenged to ensure that any superfluous friction is removed from the process. Any weaknesses  that frustrate the consumer reminds them that they have the option of abandoning the transaction and a hard-won potential sale is lost.

This is typically an iterative process since consumer behaviour is not always predictable. It is often most effective to start with a base-set of assumptions that we have found typical consumers will find intuitive and then to continuously enhance this using A/B testing to measure which option delivers the quickest path with the lowest abandonment rate. This process never ceases but soon delivers a fine tuned process that delivers near optimum results.

If you would like to learn how we can work with you on  delivering the success factors for eCommerce to your business then please don’t hesitate to contact us.