Data, Content & eCommerce

We have mentioned data and content a few times now on our blog, this is not to be repetitive but to highlight how important these areas are for an eCommerce website. It is easy to underestimate how much work is required from both the solution partner and the client so it is best to highlight these upfront to aid the project process.

Once the data and content requirements have been highlighted in workshops and meetings, a good starting place is to review your organisations data and content that will be populating the eCommerce website. Not only will this improve the process of the implementation and content population, but will also improve the end user experience by ensuring the correct data is displayed in the appropriate places on the store front. As Barry mentioned in his blog post “eCommerce and ERP systems integration – why is it so important?”:

By focusing on these fundamentals, businesses will quickly be able to identify gaps between their current state and their future eCommerce objectives. Typically this will show that there is a significant amount of work on behalf of the business covering the following areas: Product data enrichment / product data integration

Other significant areas to review and gather are:

  • Is there any out of date data that can be removed or revised?
  • Assign your data to attribute sets and have data against relevant attributes
  • Define which attributes are required to display on the store front
  • Prepare as much content as possible to speed up the content population after development is complete so that there is content for UAT
  • Will you be integrating an ERP system with Magento? See Barry’s blog post on the importance of ERP system integration
  • Consider which payment gateway will be used, there are extensions to many of the large payment gateways for Magento

These are just some of the main areas to consider, plan and start when at the early stages of an eCommerce project, however this list is endless and as workshops progress, there may well be more areas that arise for you to research and perhaps create content for.