eCommerce Expo 2012

Once again, KPMG Crimsonwing was happy to be one of the exhibitors at eCommerce Expo 2012! We always feel it is crucial to attend such industry events no matter whether you’re exhibiting or visiting. If you’re interested in eCommerce and online retailing, then eCommerce Expo 2012 was the place to be this week! Considering the current economic climate, the 2012 show has brought particularly interesting responses to the following questions: who wants to invest in eCommerce, and how?

eCommerce professionals came in big numbers this year, looking for the next big trends within the eCommerce world, which we can expect to see more of during the coming year. Predominantly, this year confirmed the growing impact of social media and SEO on all eCommerce activities. Integrating SEO and Social Media into your business strategy of your company doesn’t seem to be optional anymore – it should always be at the core of all your activities as this enables you to have a fully social approach.

Open-source, SEO friendly platforms like Magento for instance have also been experiencing a constant growth for the past few years. The architecture of such platforms, as well as their content management functionalities make them SEO friendly from the moment they are installed. It is therefore no surprise that many businesses which didn’t have SEO integrated within their online strategy are progressively leaving their rigid platforms for the benefits of more flexible and scalable ones.

Furthermore, in the ever expanding competitive business environment of eCommerce, it is very evident amongst professionals that no compromise will be made on the quality of the services they enlist. Going hand in hand with this, the support and engagement offered by implementation partners during the development of a project, as well as after its completion, is now a decision-making element in the selection of a partner.

The eCommerce Expo 2012 also attracted many young entrepreneurs and startups, who came to find out more about the opportunities of eBusiness, eager to get quality advice and to find the perfect partners for their projects.

All in all, the success of this year’s eCommerce Expo is a practical demonstration of the hard facts and figures being proven right: the eCommerce industry is growing steadily and attracting more and more investors as well as young professionals.