Engaging your customers Article 3: Providing valuable information using a site blog

In this series of articles on how to better engage your customers, we are looking at the impact of having a company blog. In the online world of eCommerce and CMS websites ‘content is king’. It is crucial to get ranked in search engines and to attract and maintain your visitor’s attention.

One of the main features that can help you improve the online experience of your site is to have unique content that provides added value for your visitors. The content needs to be presented in a fun entertaining way that is easy to understand by your target audience.

One of the most common mistakes is to focus on making a website’s content search engine friendly rather than customer friendly. Content should be interesting and valuable for your visitors first and then be search engine friendly.

The first step is to identify your audience and their interests. You will then need to create content related to your site’s product and these interests. For instance Asos provides information related to fashion, recent trends and news related to celebrities and what they wore during specific events. One can also use festive seasons as areas of interest and promote their products for the festive season. For instance Asos has posted articles related to the Halloween season and recommended products that can be worn for Halloween parties.

Another option is to come up with a fun and creative idea just like GAP did in one of their blog posts. They provided step by step instructions on how to transform one of Gap’s jeans into a stylish dress:


Another clothing retailer that masters the concept of using their customer’s interests to sell their clothing products is ‘Jinx’. Their customers are generally Gamers and Geeks, therefore they opted to produce material related to popular games and technologies.  This encourages their customers to follow the blog, post comments and make new contacts with similar interests directly on the company’s blog.  Jinx in this case is in a position to promote t-shirts or merchandise of popular games in the same blog related to that game.  The site has become increasingly popular thanks to their blogs and their ability to post valuable content to improve their customer segment’s experience.

Jinx’s site masters the concept of improving Customer Experience by providing quizzes and picture contests related to gaming, technologies and festive events.


Contests Organised by Jinx

Tip: Post content that is directly relevant to the products you are selling and that your customer segment will be interested in. For instance if your company is in the food industry try to post recipes, or else get a well known chef or a nutritionist to write an interesting blog featuring your products. Another idea can be that of organising recipe competitions amongst your customers.

For example Black garlic, provide nutritional information and health benefits of their products on their website. They also hold recipe competitions on their blog.


Recipe Competition Organised by Black Garlic

Our final example is that of Rock Pillars, a Czech company that sells climbing shoes. Although their site is more a content site rather than an eCommerce site they still post news related to their products and their customer’s interests. In fact their recent post provided the results for climbing championships and news on events that the company itself organises for its customers.

So why not go for it for your own business? Identify content that might be of interest to your customers and get someone who is able to write interesting and entertaining blog posts to transform your ideas into valuable content! Om a related subject, did you know Magento integrates perfectly with wordpress?