Engaging your customers Article 8: Using existing tools to improve user experience

Last but not least, this is the last article of our series of eight, in which I will talk about using existent tools to improve user experience. There are various features and tools that you can use to motivate your users and help them to make a purchase decision.

Use videos, images and best selling products section

You can create your own YouTube channel and post video tutorials that provide a product demonstration or instructions on how o use a particular product. These interactive media types are definitely better then long PDF instruction sheets.

Hint: Make sure you set a video description. Tag your videos with words that might be used as search keywords for each specific video.

You can also use cool features that can help you to increase the time users spend on your site and help you to increase your sales and conversion rates. These features can be:

  • “Email Alerts” – Customers will be able to subscribe a product alert that informs them when products come back in stock or when the price of a specific product changes.
  • “Gift registry”- Your customers will be able to create multiple gift lists and share it with their friends. Each time an item is bought by any of their friends the item is removed from the list and the other contacts are informed.
  • “Newsletter subscription” – By offering a Newsletter subscription feature on your site you will be able to build a list of email addresses that can be used for e-mail marketing campaigns. You might also be in a position to segment your email marketing lists and customise newsletters to each specific segment by using popular newsletter tools such as Mailchimp.

Note: Major eCommerce solutions such as Magento provide most of these features Out of the box! There is also a Magento extension that offers integration with Mailchimp.

  • “Wishlist”-With this feature it is possible to add items to a wishlist and add notes to each individual item. One should then be able to share this wishlist to his contact/s and even add the items to cart.
  • Magento-wishlist-ecommerce-blog-800x565


Wishlist feature in Magento

Ask for your customer’s feedback

One of the best ways to identify if there are any weaknesses in your site or customer service is to ask your customers.

There are various tools available to conduct a customer satisfaction survey and to encourage your customers to reply to these questionnaires. One of the open-source survey tools we used to integrate with our Magento websites is LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey offers analysis, survey design and logic features.

To encourage your customers to write reviews you can then offer them a promotional discount or even loyalty points.