Engaging your customers: Improving online experience

This is a series of 8 articles, in which I will share with you all my hints and tips on how to improve customer engagement and thus conversion and loyalty on your eCommerce website. All eight articles are available following this post, and quick links are also available at the bottom of this page, or in the right-hand side little box that says “read article 1, read article 2″.

If you already have an eCommerce or CMS (Content) website then probably you are constantly seeking to identify effective ways to attract visitors to your website. What you should not forget is that attracting visitors to your site is only the first step towards making a sale. The next step is even more important and involves mastering the skills and identifying the tools that will help you to maintain your visitors’ attention on your site. This can be achieved by providing value to your customers and a superior online experience.

engaging-customers-ecommerce-blogIn today’s online environment our potential customers are continuously bombarded with information. This can vary from promotional material to online interactions with friends and families through emails and social networking sites and also automatic alerts, messages and e-mails from different systems.

In this series of articles I am going to provide some suggestions that can help you improve the online user experience on any eCommerce site (such as Magento). The general concept is that of improving the customer experience on your website by focusing on providing added value in the service that you offer to your customers.

Article 1: Manage your social network pages and integrate social sharing tools in your site

Article 2: Invest in a private social network

Article 3: Providing valuable information using a site blog

Article 4: Providing tools that can support your customers to make a purchase decision

Article 5: Use moderated ratings and reviews and email to a friend functionality

Article 6: Providing online customer service experience

Article 7: Website design tips

Article 8: Using existent tools to improve user experience