Magento Enterprise Edition 1.10

Since David’s LA adventure at the Magento Imagine Conference, Magento have now released the Magento Enterprise Edition 1.10. I have been using it over the last few days and was fascinated to play with it, finding that it has several new features. It was intriguing to see the Mobile app integrated into the backend. The mobile admin area is really simple to use, its easy to design and produce an app store utilising the cms pages and catalogue already in the main website. The app can pull in either the catalogue with full selling capabilities or the catalogue without the cart functionality which provides more of flexibility for our clients.

Products can be changed, customized and moved in the order process in the backend, as well as on the front end in the Wish List and Shopping Cart. Whilst these products are being moved from shopping cart to wishlist, the customer’s configuration choices are kept reducing duplication of tasks for either the customer or staff creating orders in the backend.

Key features added in for these versions include:

  • Improved Import/Export functionality for Products and Customers
  • Ability to add and manage composite products when creating or editing orders from the admin
  • Enhanced shopping cart features to support editing of product configurations
  • Enhanced wishlist functionality
  • Alternative media storage using either file system or database
  • PayFlow Link integration
  • Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.1
  • Enhancements to the core API including exposing shopping cart API
  • And much more…

Other new features include gift messaging and wrapping, order status, media storage and faster imports and exports.