Event season and e-mail marketing

It’s that time of year again, when all the event marketing emails are hitting our inboxes. If you have received any, can you think of any in particular that stand out? Have they been innovative or the same sort of emails you get every year for events?

Going back over the ones I have received they are surprisingly all quite different in style and amount of content. Some are quite plain but with the right amount of text, others have beautiful graphics, one I had through had far too much text to read and take in. So it really is about getting the right balance to grab your target audience attention.

It might sound obvious but targeting the right customers is vitally important to a successful email marketing campaign. By spending time segmenting email lists into several different marketing segments will produce better results and responses.

If you are using Magento, you will know that it makes customer segmenting easy, one way of using Magento customer segments and an ESP (email service provider) such as MailChimp, EmailVision etc, is by exporting the csv file from Magento to the ESP, create the design and build the email campaign.

Some examples of this year’s email marketing campaigns that I have received are below. They all have different designs, varying content amount and stick to the 3 second rule.





The ESP’s make email marketing development and tracking easy through the extensive tools and features that they all provide. Utilising these tools means you have a greater understanding and method to measuring your results and meeting the objectives of the campaign.

By planning, defining objectives and creating your customer segments thoroughly beforehand will create more successful campaigns and give you clearer results to measure against your original objectives.