Facebook, Skype and Google+

So what do you make of the Google+ and Facebook rivalry? Have Google+ simplu taken the best of Facebook and enhanced it? How does the group chat on Google+ compare to Skype and Facebook video calling? As Microsoft is set to buy out Skype (and also have massive shares in Facebook) it’s no wonder that Skype video has been introduced to Facebook. You might have noticed on Facebook, the different right hand column for messaging your friends… I wondered if this was the new Skype feature, but after a bit of research it doesn’t appear to be. At the moment you have to go and find it yourself, there is no banner visible telling users, or as some call them, ‘Facebook customers’ about the new video feature.

Facebook haven’t made it simple to set up video calling, but a sequence of steps are required to set up. Although this is a cool new feature on Facebook, it could use better language in the set up procedure. It was hard to find information on Facebook regarding setting up the video chat, as it’s done by Skype one might think to run a search for Skype pn Facebook, but they have called it Video Calling.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with Google + yet. Let us know your thoughts if you have. How do you find the text and video chat feature, when compared to Facebook? Is it right that the two are being compared?

There is an interesting article with some great comments on the BBC website regarding Skype on Facebook. Also have a read of the blog entry Skype have written on the subject to find out more.