Follow-up thoughts on eBay’s purchase of Magento

My latest blog entry has been creating some comment in the Linked-In forums. I think first and foremost people always fear the unknown and change – even those of us in the IT industry, who spend their careers facilitating change for others! Whilst a response to Amazon FBA may explain the eBay’s GSI purchase, I think we are going to have to keep a more open mind on their plans for Magento.

I would agree it has the potential to be an extremely positive move for Magento, and in turn the partner channel, however the uncertainty before more information is released could potentially make decision makers pause, when it comes to purchasing a license or investing in skill sets. If you are planning to send your developers on a $3000.00 + per head course next month, might you wait until further news before finalising your plans? The same goes for executives of Magento’s end customers, when it comes to signing on the dotted line of their enterprise agreement.

I am a massive fan of Magento, what the product can do and what the company has achieved in such a short space of time is incredible. However any industry hates uncertainty, so quick re-assurance from Magento will certainly be welcome. I would hope the change at Magento doesn’t distract attention away from the development of the product and supporting services themselves, and I’m not just talking about new features!