Gift options in Magento Enterprise

One of the many additional feature available in Magento Enterprise Edition that is not in the Community Edition, are the gift options.

There are several different gift options in Magento Enterprise, which I have outlined below.

  • Gift Wrap
  • Gift Messaging
  • Gift Receipts
  • Gift Card
  • Printed Card
  • Gift Registry


Magento Enterprise Gift Options:

Each of these options (with the exception of the gift card) can be found in the shipping options in the checkout path. The gift card is a product type and can therefore have its own product detail page and is not in the checkout path.

Gift Wrap

Gift wrap can be configured in the Magento Admin Console in two areas – at product level and as a global setting. Images can be uploaded which represent the gift wrap, there can also be more than one gift wrap for the customer to choose from.

Gift Message

In addition to gift wrap, it is possible to add a gift message to the product in the checkout. A user can only add a gift message if purchasing gift wrap. The user will be presented with a form which will have the ‘From’ field pre populated with the user’s details.

Gift Receipts

A gift receipt is an optional item given to a user when an item is purchased as a gift. It does not display the price of the item(s) purchased and will allow the receiver of the gift to return the item if necessary.

Printed Card

The final gift option a user can choose in the checkout is a printed card. The printed card is configurable from the Magento Admin Console and can be an additional chargeable item.

Gift Card

A gift card is a product in Magento and can be configured to be a set price or so that the customer can choose the amount to put on the card. Gift cards can be virtual or physical. Physical cards will be loaded with the amount of money entered or chosen by the customer. Gift cards can then be redeemed on the site in the checkout.

Gift Registry

A gift registry allows users to create a gift list and share with friends and family. Once an item is purchased from the list, the item requested will either be fulfilled or the number requested will decrease. It is possible for users to search for other gift registries on the store front and place an order for the items on the list using the Gift registry search feature. Customers can set up their own gift registries based on pre-defined registries which have been configured in Magento Admin Console.

3 replies
  1. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    Caroline – Our site runs on Magento EE v1.12.

    I have several (ok, numerous) questions around the Gifting functionality. Can you help?

    Where on the admin panel do you generate a Gift Receipt? If I enable Gift Messages on the order, I see them on the Order View but the message doesn’t print anywhere.


    • Caroline Walker
      Caroline Walker says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for the question! I believe it should be as a separate email to the customer.


  2. David
    David says:

    Hi Caroline:

    You said that the built-in gift wrap option can be configured in two places, at the product level, and in the global configuration. What exactly are you referring to as the global configuration? I have created a couple of gift wrap options but they aren’t showing up in the checkout.


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