How to manage multiple coupon codes per shopping cart price rule in Magento

One of the features that has been requested by various Magento users is the ability to generate a set of unique coupon codes for a single ‘shopping cart promotion’. This feature is ideal to track the customers that are using your coupon codes and to identify which Email marketing campaigns or promotions are successful. With Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community Edition 1.7, it is finally possible to generate multiple coupon codes for the same shopping cart promotion and easily manage and monitor coupon code usage.



Creating a shopping cart price rule with multiple coupon codes

1. Go to the ‘Promotions’ –> ‘Shopping cart price rules’ menu and create a new promotion.

2. In the ‘Rule Information’ tab set all the necessary details and select the ‘Specific Coupon’ option in the ‘Coupon’ attribute.

3. Check the ‘Use Auto Generation’ checkbox. If you select and save the rule you will be able to generate multiple coupon codes under the ‘Manage Coupon Codes’ tab, otherwise this feature will be disabled.


4. Make sure you set all the desired promotion ‘Conditions’, ‘Actions’ and ‘labels’.

5. Click on the ‘Save and Continue edit’ button.

6. Go to the ‘Manage coupon codes’ tab and set the quantity of coupon codes you’ll generate, the coupon code’s length, its format (Alphanumeric, numeric or Alphabetical), and any desired prefix or suffix.

7. It is also possible to define a number of x characters after which a hyphen ‘-‘ will be inserted. So if you set the attribute ‘Dash Every X Characters’ to ‘4’ the code generated will have this format ‘xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’.



8. Click on the ‘Generate’ button and a list of shopping cart coupon codes will be generated. This section will inform you if the coupon code has been used and the number of times that coupon code was used.



Additional advice on how to use the coupon code features

  • It is possible to export a list of the coupon codes to a CSV or excel file. This can be used for marketing reporting proposes or in newsletters, sms or email campaigns to send unique coupon codes to your customers.
  • If the shopping cart price rule has been used in automated email reminder rules it will be automatically unassigned after the shopping cart price rule is saved.
  • If you want your customers to be able to use each of those coupon codes only once you will need to make sure that the ‘Uses per Coupon’ option under the ‘Rule information’ tab is set to ‘1’. In this case a customer will still be eligible for the promotion multiple times if he uses multiple coupon codes that belong to the same promotion. However each coupon code may be used by one customer only once.


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  1. poonam
    poonam says:


    if there are two shopping cart rule in magento one with coupon and other without coupon then after using coupon we can not use any other rule in magento even without coupon why?


  2. amit
    amit says:

    i want to pick the 4 shooping cart rule coupon code into newsletter subscription mail to user which is always dynamic pick how it is possible please answer me soon

  3. Danny Bruce
    Danny Bruce says:

    Mobile has emerged on the scene faster than any other new medium over the past 90 years and mobile coupons are the category to watch

  4. Theresia
    Theresia says:

    HI Amit,
    What I suggest you can;

    1) export your newsletter subscribers to CSV and open in excel.
    2) Then export your coupon codes in CSV and open those also in excel.
    3) Then copy the coupon codes (in the 2nd excel sheet) to a separate row (label it coupon) in the ‘newsletter subscriber’ excel sheet (first excel sheet).
    4) Then import this new excel to your newsletter solution and use the new ‘coupon’ row as the ‘coupon code’ parameter.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Theresia
    Theresia says:

    Hi Poonam

    In Magento you can have 2 shopping cart price rules on the same products one with coupon and one without coupon and they would both apply however you need to make sure that;
    1) The priority of the 2 shopping cart price rules is the same.
    2) In the actions section of both promotions the ‘stop further rules from processing’ is set to ‘No’

    Hope this helps


  6. Manoj Sonawane
    Manoj Sonawane says:

    Hi we have generate multiple coupons on admin , when one user use one coupon , after that coupon codes are not used by that customer.

  7. Theresia
    Theresia says:

    Hi Manoj, Could you further elaborate on your issue please?
    The purpose of being able to generate multiple coupons is actually that of having different coupons all for the same promotion. If you want your customers to always use the same coupon code ideally you don’t use auto generation but specify a specific coupon code yourself that can be used by multiple customers as many times as you specify.

  8. Pranjal Shah
    Pranjal Shah says:


    I have about 10,000 promo codes defined under one rule. And I need to dynamically pick one for each welcome new customer email. How can I do that?

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