How to reduce shopping cart abandonment (Article 2 of 3)

Shopping cart abandonment remains a major eCommerce concern. A website with superior online experience has inbuilt features that facilitate customers’ buying process and help them to ultimately make a purchase decision. This article is the second of a series of three, in which I will outline some tips and hints that can help significantly lower shopping cart abandonment rates. Checkout the first article of this series for tips on how to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate by optimising your shopping cart and checkout pages.

Optimise your online catalogue

1. Use reviews and testimonials – Customers love to hear other customersˈfeedback.

Hint: Feature strong testimonials in the shopping basket and checkout pages. These can serve as the final incentive for customers to checkout.

2. Prevent errors in your site - It is important to have someone monitoring your site for checkout or other errors. In 2011, customer experience management specialist Tealeaf conducted a research which estimated a loss of 44 billion in potential revenue due to minor website mistakes.

3. Be upfront on stock availability – it is important to provide stock information in the product detail pages. If a product is available on backorder, the customer should also be informed of it directly in the product detail page.



4. Provide all the necessary product information in the product details section. Including product specifications, size guides in case of clothing items and provide valuable tools that will help the customers make a purchase decision. Also make sure that you have high-quality product images and 360 degrees views of products if required. For instance, global online fashion retailer Asos uses videos of catwalks, whilst the GAP provides a colour and size swatch feature. Each time a customer clicks on his desired colour the product image changes according to the chosen colour.


5. Make sure that the products put in the cart are visible at all times. Various open-source eCommerce solutions such as Magento have a mini cart feature that allows customers to view their cart via a dropdown menu, rather than having to navigate to a separate page.


Keep a look out on the blog next week for the third and last part of this series of article on ways to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates!