Internet World – Web Feed Management

Having now attended my first Internet World at Earls Court yesterday, I thought that the presentations were very informative and found one in particular, Web Feed Management for Google success by Lakestar Media taught me something new.


Everyone has been discussing SEO and its importance for a while now, but no one really mentions web feed management. Due to new features on Google, such as Google products, Google local, Google news feed etc, inevitably that has an impact on SEO, web feeds and the way we set them up. The difference being that you have to submit the sitemaps to Google so that your data will show in the Google feeds.

If you split the xml sitemaps up, one for categories, products, countries and so on, it means that your content will show in the relevant feeds on Google. This is particularly useful now that Google has introduced Google Products. Your products will only show in the Google Products listings if you have submitted your sitemap to Google Products and included the product identifiers. The same goes for video (unless you already have them in Youtube/Vimeo etc which do it for you) and also news. If you want your company news items to be shown in the Google News feed, you have to submit the news xml sitemap to Google; it has to be actual news, not promotional.

Other seminars I attended were about customer segmentation, blueprint of eCommerce websites and eCommerce trends, which I will talk about in forthcoming blogs.