iPlayer adapting with the times. About time? Too late?

How often do you use the BBC’s iPlayer? I use it quite often at home on my Mac, it’s great for watching programs on playback or live. Our computer has become more of our TV than our TV, because it’s bigger and better quality screen than our TV.

However, today’s news that the iPlayer is being adapted for set top boxes and internet capable TV’s is a great step forward for the platform and for those who clearly have better TVs than I do! Granted, it has its occasional downsides, but on the whole I’ve always had a really good experience with it. One other thing I have learned about the iPlayer today is that you can now access it abroad, from your iPad for £44 a month.

Is it about time that the BBC adapts the iPlayer for these technologies or is it too late? Do viewers really care?

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