Magento Live UK 2012

Standing ovations for Gary Forman and Dido look a likes made for a comical start and end to Magento Live UK 2012 in Central London. The opening speeches were a mixture of case studies and facts and figures about us in the UK and the always fun comparisons between languages. We were informed that we have 25 million smartphones in the UK and a population of 63 million people. However, there were 2 people not included in that number at the event who did not have smartphones.

It was fascinating to learn about how new technologies in stores and mobile in particular are changing the way we shop. With 95% of all purchases worldwide being influenced by the web in one way or another – mainly by looking up items on the phone while you’re in a store or seeing it on other media – it’s becoming pretty clear that we all need to find ways to utilise this shift in behaviour in order to make the most of it for ourselves and our customers. John Lunn from PayPal informed us on the new PayPal Check In app, which is revolutionising the technologies used in stores and how customers purchase products in store and online.

Roy Rubin made some very interesting points about Magento’s commitment to quality and focus on how to best serve their customers. There’ll be a number of changes coming over the next months, which will be interesting to keep an eye out for. At KPMG Crimsonwing we’re very much welcoming the certification program that was introduced a few months back and we’re in the process of getting all our developers certified – good luck to the guys who are sitting their exams tomorrow (not that they’d need luck though)!


The event consisted of 2 tracks, a business track and a technology track, each filled with interesting talks from ebay to It was interesting to hear from other partners about their case studies and their methodologies, as well as catching up with those we have not seen since last year’s Meet Magento event.

The final keynote from Roy Rubin and the new Head of Product Management at X.commerce – Jimmy Duvall was a Q&A. Jimmy talked about Magento 2, although there was no mention of a release date yet for Magento 2, whilst Roy stressed it is important that they have the best possible solution before release.


With Magento Live UK 2012 having been the first event in this format, the whole community can look forward to a number of exciting events over the next months and years. And if you’re lucky enough to go to one of them, make sure you don’t miss the legendary after party!

Thanks to everyone at Magento and all the other chaps we met for a truly great day and after party!