Magento & mobile commerce

Following on from Caroline’s last post, we’ve now actually used the iPhone app that comes with Magento 1.10, and have to say we were impressed. It was simple to set up, less than an hour’s configuration was required, and we then had a fully transactional client facing demo app. Given the amount of time and money some businesses are spending on mobile commerce, I think the Magento offering is going to be hard to beat for all but the most particular of brands.

Even if used as a proof of concept before rolling out a more radical solution, for IT directors wanting to see the level of customer demand for mobile commerce before investing further, this is a very attractive offering. Operations Managers are also kept happy, as Magento offers the flexibility to manage orders taken via the app either within the same order management screens as their web store, or via a standalone view if managed by a dedicated team. As all orders taken by the app are sent to Magento, there are no additional integration requirements when rolling out the app either.

For those who don’t want to go down the app route, Enterprise version 1.10 also helps your mobile commerce by shipping with a custom theme for smart phones. Given our sites work well on my smart phone without a custom theme, this is an exciting prospect, with a very simple approach to getting an optimised browsing experience for smart phone users available out of the box.

With Magento offering custom applications for Android and iPad (who knows if Windows Mobile is to follow) Magento have blown the door for easy entry into the application well and truly open.
You can find out more about the Magento mobile commerce app on the Magento website, or feel free to drop us a line.

Finally a big pat on the back to the KPMG Crimsonwing In Kind Direct development team, who were featured in the Magento news letter last week, further details on the In Kind case study can be found via the case studies section.