Meet Magento NL (MMNL) 2015

KPMG Crimsonwing had the pleasure of attending Meet Magento NL this year as a Gold sponsor. Here, I had the opportunity to demonstrate our omni-channel solution at the event along with my Dutch colleagues Jeffrey D’hondt, Jeroen van Zwienen and Bart Baeschnitt. I usually attend Magento Live in the UK, so it was interesting to see how it’s done in the Netherlands.

MMNL 2015 took place in the city of Utrecht on May 27th and 28th. Presentations and break-out sessions were in Dutch as well as in and English, as there were 11 different nationalities that attended the event. We at KPMG Crimsonwing were very impressed by the modern interior design at the venue; although visually stimulating, there was a calming atmosphere.




The 2-day event was very lively and consisted of lots of shared experiences across developers, merchants and partners providing a variety of interesting insights.

5 of the 7 Gold partners presented case studies to the crowd. Jeffrey D’hondt, responsible for eCommerce Sales at KPMG Crimsonwing in the Netherlands, presented a case of one of our largest Magento clients in the Netherlands – a follow-up on last year’s presentation showing the excellent progress the company has made over the last year.




Besides presenting, we also had our own stand where we greeted interested parties and discussed our recent acquisition by KPMG.




On the 2nd day it was good to hear from Kathleen Claes (Magento Channel Manager Benelux, Southern Europe & Africa) who presented statistics about Magento in the Netherlands and how the eCommerce platform is growing fast in popularity.




For me, it was particularly fascinating to discover the number of partners in the Netherlands compared to the UK. In the Netherlands there are 7 Gold partners, 5 silver and 4 associate members, whereas in the UK there are currently 12 Gold partners. This shows that the Netherlands, although a smaller market, is closely catching up with the UK. There is a year on year growth of customers using Magento, up by 30% since 2013 (on Magento Enterprise) with in particular the market share in B2B growing fast. The number of UK solution partners can be found here.

As usual there was a brilliant party at the end, with a live band and abundance of drinks and typical Dutch raw herring!

Thanks to the organisers of the event and I hope to see you all there again next year.