Using RMA’s (Return Management Authorisation) in Magento Enterprise

In Magento Enterprise 1.11, Magento released an RMA (Returns Management Authorisation) system to enable customers and customer service representatives (CSRs) to manage returns. Customers can access and process a return on the store front in their account area and CSRs can manage, process and authorise returns in the admin console.

Customers Request Returns


Figure 1 – RMA on frontend

Customers can request returns from their My Account – My Orders area via a newly added button – ‘Return’ in the top right of an order.

The customer can choose which item on the order to return, the quantity, how they would wish to resolve the issue, with either an exchange, a refund, or store credit. They then select the condition of their purchase and leave a comment if necessary.


Figure 2 – RMA form

Administrators managing returns

Administrators can choose to accept or decline returns, set resolutions i.e. refund, exchange, store credit and change the authorised quantities, for example the customer may want to return 3 items, but the administrator may only authorise the return of 2 items.

On authorisation of a return, tracking can be configured so that customers can send back their parcels and track them to ensure customer services have received the item and vice versa. “The RMA feature allows the merchant to tie the process to their own shippers and shipping policies and to also designate a third party logistics center for returns if necessary.” ( blog entry –


Figure 3 – RMA items


Figure 4 – RMA status


Figure 5 – RMA tracking

Once the item(s) have been received the CSR can process the credit memo, refund the customer and return the item to stock if required.

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  1. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    Thanks for this overview. I hope to move to Magento EE one day. Currently I’m using CE which doesn’t provide RMA feature out of the box, I have a special extension instead (RMA by Amasty).
    If an online store has a clear return policy, it seems more trusted. And even if a customer returns an item, he may buy something in the future from this shop again if the return process went smooth.

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