Staging in Magento 1.11

With the new release of Magento Enterprise 1.11 I thought I would have a go at it and learn a few new tricks in Magento. One area I was particularly interested in was setting up a staging environment in Magento. I looked online for tutorials for staging, but did not have much luck for the Enterprise 1.11 release, so I thought I would write one.

The staging website is a duplicate of the live / production website, but one you can feel confident to play around in, without damaging the live site.

Listed below are the steps to take in order to create a staging website in the backend of Magento Enterprise 1.11:

Before you start it’s best to create a ‘staging’ folder on the ftp where the Magento instance is held.

  • Magento Backend > System> Content Staging>Staging Websites
  • Add new staging websites
  • Choose the source website
  • Then fill out the form as required
  • Press submit

You will now have created the staging website.

From here on you can then set up test categories, products, cms pages, promotions and so on. The main point to remember is to always choose the Staging Website store view when creating any of the new features.

The other point to think about here is that the new categories you will create do automatically get put on the live site as well so you have to go to the category structure and set the visibility to ‘No’ by going to:

  • Categories
  • Manage Categories
  • find the new category
  • General information tab
  • Include in navigation menu
  • No

(This is for Enterprise 1.11 only)