The Crowdsourcing Phenomenon (Article 2 of 3)

Crowdsourcing relies heavily on the communication methods and tools made possible by the internet. In the past we had to physically meet with someone or gather crowds to get their own opinion on how to solve business or personal related problems. Nowadays with technology, crowds can be well-connected while being geographically distant.

This article is the second of a series of three, in which I will provide some examples of how businesses, governments, individuals and charities are using crowdsourcing to reach their goals. Check out the first article of this series for information on how large businesses use crowdsourcing to increase sales.

People can use crowdsourcing to support their causes

In this case, crowdsourcing can be used to answer questions related to personal problems or issues, or even to fund business ideas. Crowdsourcing platforms provide their communities with the ability to contribute significantly to a cause that they are passionate about.

Moreover, crowdsourcing can also connect those who have business ideas with those who can provide the funding to get them off the ground. The platform is an excellent example of how a crowd of individuals can help and support startups in acquiring funding from around the globe. This is also known as crowdfunding.



Another excellent example is StumbleUpon – which is an online community where users discover and rate web pages, websites, images and video content. It acts as a personalised recommendation engine using peer-voting and social networking principles. Ratings are also a popular feature within Magento, which lets your customers rate your products and content.

Charities and nonprofit organisations are also able to use crowdsourcing to raise funds for their causes. With sites such as ‘firstgiving’, ‘crowdrise’, or ‘donorschoose’, everybody can be a social entrepreneur and plan, execute and measure the success of online fundraising campaigns.



To take just one of them as an example, crowdrise is one of the fastest growing online fundraising websites, and includes a blend of crowdfunding, social networking and contests. The crowdrise community was listed in the “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” list published by the American premier financial magazine Barron, and quoted as “the best place to raise money online for your favorite causes” By News website Mashable.

Crowdrise was also used by the 2013 New-York Marathon Team, who’ve raised over 7.5 million dollars: “Crowdrise is a phenomenal fundraising platform that really helps us broaden our reach” Mary Wittenberg, President, New York Marathon

Keep a look out on the blog next week for the third and last part of this series of article on ways how Government agencies, businesses and people are using crowdsourcing to find a solution to a problem.