The Mobile Challenge

My first day back from a ski trip to the French Alps, and my mind is slowly returning to all things eCommerce, rather than trying to find somewhere for a beer for less than € 10/pint. One noticeable thing travel abroad highlights is our (or perhaps my) dependence on smart phones and 3G data. With data roaming charges brutally expensive, thus ruling out Google navigate, trying to find the French side of Geneva airport without a map and shocking directions from the hire car company is a rather trying experience!

This all means sites designed for mobile become all the more valuable to users, and with ever increasing numbers of smart phone devices, the business case for spend in this area should become ever stronger. In a Magento context, this is going to mean dedicated themes for mobile devices, and potentially Facebook, whilst leaving the web 2.0, graphics heavy user experience for users using their PC or Mac.

The move to iFrame support from Facebook as Caroline referred to in her earlier post, will surely increase the speed of rollout of Facebook stores, add this to client demand for links to eBay and other marketplaces, means having a solid platform to serve multiple channels is ever more important. The Facebook move away from FBML in particular could also allow Europe retails to get a jump on the American cousins for once, as the lack of adoption in Europe means they can jump to the second generation solution from the get go.

Chuck in whether to have an Mobile app, should this be for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7 Mobile or any mixture thereof, and you can see why a clearly thought out strategy, based on detailed insight into your customer’s needs is vital to ensure you get your base eBusiness solution right.

And just when you think you’ve worked it all out, something new will come out and you’ll have to start over!