uDropship extension by unirgy

Sometimes, when delivering eCommerce projects for clients, instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s often easier (and cheaper) to buy an extension instead of creating one. A good example of such a situation is Unirgy’s ‘uDropship’. The recreation of such an extension would take a substantial amount of time in development and testing. Purchasing extensions can sometimes save our customers time and money depending on the quality of the extension purchased.

When we purchase extensions, we always carry out thorough testing on it to ensure there are no bugs in the extension and to ensure it does what our customers require.

The extension by Unirgy is very powerful and is a necessity for clients who want to have an eCommerce store based on one of the most used eCommerce platforms – Magento, but lack the ability to manage products from many suppliers.

uDropship allows our clients to manage products from different suppliers and much more. It also has some additional features which are add-ons that make it even more powerful. The most useful functions are:

  • Managing lists of suppliers (adding new, editing etc.)
  • Local supplier – treating your own warehouse like a supplier
  • Each product can be connected to one supplier or to many suppliers that have this product in their stock
  • It is possible to set the priority for choosing suppliers for products when an order is created by – priority, price, or by lowest number of packages
  • For each order that contains items managed by suppliers – a Purchase Order is created – Purchase orders are a new entity managed in Magento like invoices and shipments.
  • Each supplier can have their own shipping method set up and each one is mapped to Magento standard shipping methods to make it as simple and invisible as possible for customers
  • Each supplier is informed by email about each part of order that they have to manage. Packing slips and shipping labels can also be attached to emails
  • Each supplier has their own panel where they can see list of their orders, change their statuses, mark them as shipped and exchange comments with administrator of the shop
  • Payouts for suppliers
  • Imports exports for suppliers of orders/shipments and products


All the above features provide powerful management options and should meet all the necessary requirements for clients who want to use Magento but sell products from their own warehouse and suppliers. Adding functionality such as dropshipping to your eCommerce store could be great for growing your business and increasing your base of products without huge investments.

Magento and uDropship make dropshipping very simple to deal with. One of the big pros of uDropship is it’s large number of features and configurations. It is possible to configure each vendor separately, define which emails should be sent, when, how and add attachments etc. uDropship also allows you to define the whole workflow of your cooperation.

If you have some requirements that are not fulfilled by uDropship, the team at Unirgy will be eager to add them for you.