5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft_Partner_logo_2016_800x397Businesses implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems because they want to have the ability to integrate otherwise disparate functions and business processes.This is of particular benefit when you want to achieve specific targets or cost controls with full visibility of all the factors that contribute to them. When considering to implement an ERP system, and being faced with the task of having to evaluate a number of different platforms that all offer similar things, this can be a rather daunting job. KPMG Crimsonwing has made Microsoft Dynamics our platform of choice based on many reasons, but first and foremost because of the all the benefits it holds and the numerous advantages it brings to our customers. There are several advantages that the MS Dynamics platforms have over and above alternative ones such as SAP and the like. As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we tried to make it a bit easier for you and I have put together the 5 main reasons why to choose Microsoft Dynamics as your ERP platform.



Investing in an ERP solution is a big undertaking for companies and so it is important to get the most out of that investment. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are completely scalable, so that they can grow with your business as needed. Dynamics solutions use Microsoft SQL Server, which allows for systems to be scaled up without compromising on system performance or user experience. We don’t believe that many platforms can guarantee you this.


5-reasons-to-choose-erp-erp-blogMicrosoft Dynamics ERP solutions share the ease of navigation that users the world over have become familiar with while using Microsoft Office products. Transitioning to a new platform is therefore more straightforward as the look and feel is familiar. Dynamics ERP solutions are designed to work in a similar way to and alongside Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Dynamics ERP solutions can be tailored for specific user needs through the set-up for roles and role-based security profiles, which all enhance their user experience and enable them to focus on their areas of expertise and responsibility. Dashboards and built-in alert functionality help to ensure that nothing is missed. As most companies are using Microsoft based operating systems, this is a major criteria for all our clients and no other platform can offer this level of familiarity, user-friendliness and ease of adoption.


Microsoft dDnamics ERP solutions are configurable, so that they can be adapted to meet specific needs of the individual business without the need for costly modifications or highly specialised support teams. Dynamics ERP solutions are configured by the setting of parameters within the active modules to tailor the processing to meet a company’s needs. When needed, businesses can call on the worldwide network of industry-specific Microsoft Certified Partners, like KPMG Crimsonwing, together with Independent Software Vendors for more advanced configuration changes.


Microsoft Dynamics solutions enable users to quickly find the data that they are looking for and through a wide range of standard reports it is easy for users to make full use of it when they need to. For more advanced reporting Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services can be used to develop highly specialised reports to fit the needs of a specific business process or function. There’s also a cloud-based version available for when you’re on the go, so you can access it any time anywhere – what more could you want?!


sustainability-erp-blogMicrosoft Dynamics ERP solutions are frequently upgraded to stay current with the ever-changing business needs and challenges. Microsoft are committed to offering and extending life cycle support for all their major releases. Customers also have access to a wide selection of training, and self-service support through the CustomerSource program, access to which is unlimited. And as a leading Microsoft partner we’re of course always there to help as well.

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These are just a few reasons why companies choose to implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions over other well-known offerings. With KPMG Crimsonwing’s Platform Advice Service and free ROI Analysis, we can provide you with everything you need to get a good picture of how Microsoft Dynamics can enhance your business. Why not book a meeting with one of our specialists via our booking form?