Highlights of the Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference 2016

It was a real pleasure attending the Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference, February 23-25 2016 in Seattle, WA. A great week, kicked off with a Keynote from Daniel Brown and Sri Srinivasan which was of course all about the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. Let me share some interesting news with you.


‘AX7 Update 1’

Microsoft_Dynamics_AX_product_tile_334x334You are now probably all familiar with the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, launched globally on March 9th. This is Microsoft’s first ERP product entirely in the cloud and will first off only be available the Azure public cloud. This is a strategic decision: Microsoft wants their clients to take get familiar and really take advantage of the cloud!

This RTW (Release to Web) release is still missing several highly anticipated features which will become available in the upcoming release codenamed ‘AX 7 update 1’. We still have to wait a few more months though, since this release is expected to be launched early this fall. Next to Azure, this version will also be available as an on-premises product.


Extension in Microsoft Dynamics

Not yet a possibility with the current RTW release but already one of my most anticipated features of the upcoming ‘AX 7 update 1’ is the ability to adapt queries with the help of an extension element. Extension refers to the process of drafting or extending existing elements, without overriding into other layers. Developers no longer need to customise elements; elements are now extended. All customisations and code are stored in a separate assembly. Extension elements are therefore not influenced during upgrades and tests, thus not falling victim to overrides. This approach significantly reduces upgrade cost and conflicts.


Dynamics AX content packs

During the conference, Microsoft announced the availability of two out-of-the-box Power BI content packs for different business users: Financial Performance and Retail Channel Performance. The Financial Performance content pack grants CFO’s access to insights about their organisations’ financial performance. The Retail Channel Performance content pack is for those that focus on sales performance, enabling retailers to drill into their data to predict trends and uncover insights. Both power packs can be selected from the service catalogue and be deployed within minutes.


Would you like to know more? Microsoft has made presentations, videos, and labs for Microsoft Dynamics AX from the Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference 2016 available on Partnersource.  Enjoy!