KPMG sessions at Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA

Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA holds countless valuable opportunities to learn more about Microsoft business solutions. The three day event is fully packed with a wide range of session types to choose from.

As one of the few Platinum Sponsors at the event, KPMG is hosting four content driven sessions during Convergence; one Breakout session, one Sponsor Breakout Session and two Theater sessions. The 60-minute breakout sessions will offer a deep dive into Microsoft technologies, including demonstrations, a panel discussion with an important client and hands-on examples to help you transform your business. The two theater sessions will be short and brief – just 15 minutes – and offer a brief glimpse of two of our strongest solutions that enable business transformation.

Read more about KPMG’s sessions at Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA below. Enter the individual session codes mentioned along with the session description into the Session Catalog to find out more about each session and add them to your personal Schedule Builder.


Breakout Sessions:

  • Will you disrupt? Leading transformation in the digital age

When leaving this breakout session, you will have a broad understanding of the impact that digital disruption has on organisations needing to meet a new set of business realities. Microsoft and KPMG will help you gain insight in how they help organisations worldwide to navigate the digital landscape and develop timely, internal and external transformations that drive successful business outcomes.

Learn from their approach and framework for evolving business models, working smarter, and reinvigorating core platforms to face a more dynamic marketplace

When: Tuesday, December 1 from 15:30-16:30

More info: BK15EG01


Sponsor Breakout Session:

  • Case study: How a mobility sector recycler and services organization achieved business transformation enabled by Microsoft technology

KPMG’s client ARN is focussing wholeheartedly on the recovery of materials and supporting sustainable Enterprise in the mobility sector. One of their main objectives is to achieve the 95% recycling norm of old cars in the Netherlands. Next to having built their own unique recycling plant, the organisation’s core activities include monitoring the car recycling chain, projects, advisory and certification.

In this breakout session, KPMG will present how Microsoft technologies can help your organisation achieve business transformation. They will do this together with ARN by presenting their business case. What are their business objectives and how has Microsoft Dynamics helped their organisation to change?

When: Wednesday, December 2 from 14:00-15:00

More info: SB15ES50


Sponsor Theater Sessions:

  • Real time cloud business analytics

KPMG’s real time cloud analytic platform SOFY provides real time business insights based on the analysis of transactional data from Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle. These insights are presented for continuous monitoring, reporting and analytics to provide end user notifications, social feeds and dashboards. In this session, attendees can find out more about this innovative enterprise application helps our clients to operate more efficiently and effectively.

When: Monday, November 30 from 14:30 – 14:45

Session code: ST15ES50


  • KPMG business transformation case: How to create a platform of change

Investing in the right technology solutions will help to better respond to your customers’ evolving expectations. During this Sponsor Theater Session, KPMG will present their case study of one of the largest membership organisations in the Netherlands. It was for this client that we created a platform of change powered by Microsoft Dynamics. We will provide you with hands-on information as to how your organisation can achieve business transformation with the right platform of change, supported by the right methodology and IT solutions.

When: Tuesday, December 1 from 13:45 – 14:00

More info: ST15ES51