Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction – highlights (part 1)

KPMG Crimsonwing recently received the Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction: a detailed account of the current developments up to 2016. Seen as that we are a Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP, this is an essential document for us!

In the recent years, Dynamics AX has undergone an undeniable growth to a much chosen ERP platform for many organisations. Each day, new customers and partners join this community. Why this is the case becomes evident when reading this new Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction. We have punt the highlights in a row for you. These will be shared on the KPMG Crimsonwing blog in two separate parts. The blogs are but a brief summary of the complete Statement of Direction. If you like to know more, please contact us!

Mobile-first, cloud-first world

People use more and more different devices during their work day. Forrester research from 2014 shows that 53% of staff in the workplace use 3 devices or more. Microsoft responds well to this trend and speak of a mobile-first, cloud-first world. According to Microsoft, mobile and cloud go hand in hand: cloud is the engine that keeps the device experience running. Microsoft takes all possible device use by the user into consideration when designing new products in order to provide the best possible contextual experience. The rise of Big Data, machine learning and the Internet of Things allows companies to turn around their whole way of business. By being able to immediately collect, transform and present data to people within the company, a whole new way of data delivery and perhaps new business models are now possible.

Microsoft cloud for business

In today’s fast-moving market, companies have the ability to transform customer experiences and business models in order to benefit from the cloud. Thanks to cloud, organisations can achieve a hyper-scalable, global infrastructure. New business initiatives can be more easily be operationally supported, instead of becoming capital expenditures. More importantly, the cloud offers the opportunity to outsource operational tasks and to focus on initiatives in order to grow your organisation. Microsoft customers can run business applications in the cloud, Lifecycle Management is simplified and processes are extended to mobile devices.

Amaze your customers

For many years now, ERP systems are supporting major back office business processes including finance, human resources and procurement. Microsoft aims to let companies go further than just automating business processes, and to create intelligent, customer-focused business processes. Thanks to Dynamics AX you now have the necessary intelligence to support the customer right from the very first interaction. One example is the recently released POS in Dynamics AX, which allows in-store sales personnel to offer a better informed customer service. Equally important are the operational processes required to deliver the product/service to the customer. Therefore, Microsoft has expanded its R&D investments from supporting efficient business processes in the back office, to supporting operational processes. Companies can surprise their customers by offering an amazing customer experience.

Return to our blog next week for part 2 of our Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction highlights.