2 Jul – Membership Organisations: Attract & Retain Members

From attracting to retaining members, subscription-based organisations have seen a shift in their member relationship management over the past few years. Members are increasingly behaving like customers, expecting self-service access to their membership services, full time support, and tailored communication. Managing members has become a significant challenge.

Book your seat today to attend our membership seminar on Wednesday the 2nd of July!

Come discuss the success and challenges faced by most subscription-based organisations, and listen to some of your peers experiences: the British Medical Association (BMA), UK charity In Kind Direct and the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) will tell you all about how they faced and overcame their main challenges:

  • Attracting new members
  • Meeting existing members’ expectations for services, support and communication
  • Being competitive while staying profitable

A Great Line Up of Companies

We’ve invited the British Medical Association (BMA), UK charity In Kind Direct and the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) to join us and talk to you about their experience, and about how they’ve managed to successfully overcome their own challenges. From getting the right tools to meet members expectations to going through a complete digital transformation, these three major companies have successfully gone through changes to keep up with their members’ ever increasing demand for accessibility, availability and self service.                                

A Panel of Industry Experts

LindsayH-membership event-photo-smallLindsay Herbert, Global Head of Digital at Precedent will also demonstrate how membership organisations can employ the latest digital-first tactics that will attract and engage members when the stakes are at their highest. In order to attract and retain members, you first need to ensure you are engaged with them! Precedent has over ten years’ experience helping membership organisations transform for a digital world.


Jaap-Schram-de-Jong-management-picture-100X97Jaap Schram de Jong, Director at KPMG Crimsonwing, will chair this seminar and present how membership organisation can use their IT to boost their business: Spending less time on admin issues and more caring for your members is key!



David Hirst MicrosoftDavid Hirst, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, is a fierce defender of the idea that solid IT is the backbone of any ambitious organisations. The more efficient and reliable your system, the better your user experience and customer service. Microsoft’s products are tailored to the need of organisations, that’s how it should work, not the other way around.