Seminar online marketing a big success

Online Marketing Seminar – Hilversum, Netherlands

KPMG Crimsonwing BV, in the Netherlands hosted a seminar on online marketing for its customers, partners and prospects. The afternoon turned out to be a big success with three industry experts inspiring the visitors.

The seminar was held on the 5th floor of the KPMG Crimsonwing office in Hilversum, looking over the broadcast capital of the Netherlands. The visitors varied from enterprise customers and prospects to smaller Magento entrepeneurs looking for a solid IT partner for their webshop. KPMG Crimsonwing decided to spend the biggest part of the afternoon on topics that the company isn’t specialized in: online marketing.

With that approach it became clear that companies can contact KPMG Crimsonwing for an overall, or one-stop-shopping, request on their webshop. The company will then find the best suitable IT solution and marketing partners to come up with a business driving solution.
The experts partnering with KPMG Crimsonwing that presented their view were Keesjan Deelstra, SEO specialist, Jurrien Kerstholt, conversion specialist and Rembrandt Smids, cross media strategist. The day was closed by Roel van Alebeek, consultant at KPMG Crimsonwing, who emphasized the importance of solid technology before investing in traffic and sales drivers like online marketing and SEO.

The slides can be viewed on the Slideshare channel of KPMG Crimsonwing: