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If you are a membership or subscription-based organisation, your members will be at the heart of everything you do. At KPMG Crimsonwing, we know how important this is to you.

A solid and powerful IT solution can be crucial, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your members and the quality of your products and services.

KPMG Crimsonwing’s Dynamics for Membership solution is based on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which embraces all business processes within one easy-to-use system. With Dynamics for Membership you can spend less time on elaborate back-end processes and admin, and focus more of your time on looking after and growing your membership base.

Why we love Dynamics for Membership

We know that times are changing for membership and subscription-based organisations. It’s getting increasingly difficult to retain existing and recruit new members:

  • Members have higher expectations, demand an improved service and product quality
  • Costs of running a membership organisation are increasing due to higher level of service being demanded
  • In a more connected world, members are expecting to be able to manage their membership through various channels: download the factsheet on self service web portals here.

Dynamics for Membership can address all these challenges within your business. It is ideal for all kinds of membership and subscription-based organisations who deal with with high volumes of periodic invoicing and/or organise training sessions or any sort of events. This includes professional and industry organisations, sport federations, professional institutes, charities, associations, unions, NGOs, as well as all sorts of educational organisations.

Key benefits of Dynamics for Membership

  • Amalgamate all your business processes in one easy to use system and reduce your overall IT costs
  • Empower your members to fully utilise the online web portal, letting them embrace lots of self-service functionality
  • Provide improved service to your members, and personalise all your communications
  • Work from one centralised database giving you a 360° view of you all members and their history
  • Increase your overall transparency and business visibility for staff and members with improved business results on a considerably lower cost level
  • Scalable solution tailored to the size and requirements of your business, growing in line with your membership base.
Find out more about our solution for Membership organisations in the below factsheets – please feel free to download them!

Why our customers love Dynamics for Membership

The system we worked with was extremely dated. If it had crashed, we would have had nothing left to rely on. To continue with this system was unacceptable. The risk was just too high”. 

With Dynamics with Membership, the Dutch equestrian sports federation can now service their 210,000+ members to the highest standards.

eBook: Learn the six imperatives for communicating value to members in a digital world

Any organisation which depends on an active, engaged membership is required again and again to prove their relevance, their understanding of member needs, and their ability to engage.

In “Communicating Value in a Digital World,” we present six imperatives for membership organisations to meet this objective and thrive in the age of digital and social media.

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KPMG Crimsonwing + Dynamics for Membership

The Membership solution was conceived in 2009 when one of our Dutch clients, an equestrian sports federation, approached us for a tailored industry solution. So we dedicated one of our teams to crafting a flexible membership solution that is designed to address the unique challenges of modern membership organisations.

At KPMG Crimsonwing, we combine in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics platform with a sharp eye for company processes. We enrich the standard Microsoft platform with innovative components and services that make the added value of your ERP solution tangible and transparent. As one of Europe’s largest Microsoft Gold Certified partners we have more than 100 Dynamics specialists and consultants.