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The main challenge retailers and brands face in today’s online market, is to meet the demanding expectations of their customers. Shoppers have many options to choose from, and they know exactly what they are looking for. Certainly this starts with product quality and price – but add to that delivery tracking and options, product information, customer service, product reviews, promotions, speed of site, payment options, great product content, the ability to purchase where they want, when they want… the list goes on.

To match their customer’s expectations, and grow their business, retailers and brands need to be flexible and adaptable in all aspects of their business: customer facing and internally.

Internal processes indeed need to be faultlessly efficient. The relationship with main stakeholders, (suppliers, distributors, shareholders and employees), should also be carefully managed.

KPMG Crimsonwing is specialised in the deployment of eCommerce and ERP systems. We understand the requirements and challenges of the retail industry and have a track record of successful international projects for global companies. Our expertise is based on hands-on experience and highly skilled resources, and we can help your organisation with both areas of your business: your eCommerce store and your business management.


A customer journey often starts online. Consumers browse via different online channels when they are looking for a certain product. Moreover, consumers like to shop 24/7, easily, in store and online, via multiple devices. And regardless of the channel they use, they always expect to be given the right information and the best customer service.

With our market leading eCommerce solutions, KPMG Crimsonwing can help you become the best player in your field. We can provide your business with a robust solution, trusted by top retailers and brands.

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Business Management

Business management has a direct influence on long term success of your business. As a retailer you need to be able to measure your processes to optimise them.

Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated business management solution which connects your whole company as an enterprise. The solution has its core capabilities for your general business processes, like finance, marketing & sales, stock information management & control and BI. For specific retail business processes, the Microsoft Dynamics range has its industry specific capabilities, like POS, store management and merchandising.

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