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Malta and the UK share a common ground, which gives our clients the best results, says David Walsh, CEO, KPMG Crimsonwing.

How do your operations bring Malta and the UK together?

KPMG Crimsonwing sells and markets software and services solutions to our clients in Europe and especially in the UK. During the process we introduce them to our way of providing the full solution – this is a high proportion of the solution being assembled and then supported from our solution centre in Malta. This really gets out clients thinking – but when they understand the results we get they are really convinced by our powerful UK and Maltese combination.

What is your current set-up and how does it facilitate doing business in Malta and the UK?

Our Malta colleagues work closely with our sales office in London and we have special processes and tools to help us track the projects underway down to very detailed levels – this is all shared between the client and us. There is also a need for face-to-face time and Malta’s proximity to the UK and superb English language skills make these meetings very productive. We can easily show that working in Malta is at least as productive as working in the next-door office to the clients.

What services do you offer?

We operate with key vendors to offer total business solutions (Microsoft Dynamics) and e-commerce (Magento, now part of eBay, and Intershop). We also have strategic alliances with Oracle and IBM.

Most of what we try and do is off the shelf – however, we customise these to our clients’ needs to get the best outcome of cost and functionality.

How do client requirements differ in Malta and the UK?

In one word – scale. For instance, our UK clients have huge sales, supply chain, and customer order processing demands.

Added to this are international, often global dimensions. But functionally there are many similarities between our UK and Malta clients and our consultants enjoy working across both.

Any new developments in the immediate future?

We are building new capabilities in Malta for our UK clients to work with directly and to allow them to become more closely aligned with the clients’ own operations and staff. This has evolved from a number of long-term relationships between Malta and our UK clients.

There are so many benefits and common ground between us – as one of our UK client directors recently said: “Coming to Malta was the best business trip I have ever had.”

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